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About Me

Who am I?

My name is Matthew Bingham. I am a Digital Creative based in Bristol. I graduated with a 2:1 in Multimedia Computing from Coventry University in 2016. Since then I have been using my skills in Digital Media Creation to create 3D graphics, Social Media Adverts, Animations and Videos for various clients. I have been using the adobe suite for over 8 years and I have over 6 years experience in creating 3D models and animations.

What do I do?

I create different types of digital media from websites to video and music. I can create 2D animations or motion graphics in Adobe After Effects. I can create and see a video project through from pre-production to post-production. This includes script writing, storyboarding, camera operation, directing, sound design, colour correction and editing in Adobe Premier Pro. I have experience in 3D modelling and animation as well as creating special effects for short films.

My Education

I recently graduated with a 2:1 in Multimedia Computing (BSc) from Coventry University. I started Coventry University in 2014 studying Games Technology (BSc) but switched courses to Multimedia because I found that I preferred the creative side of computing rather than a programming-heavy course like Games Technology.

Multimedia Computing Year 3 Modules:


Interactive Pervasive Computing

3D Modelling and Animation

Web API Development

Working at the Student's Design Agency

Digital Media Technology 2

Individual Project

Games Technology Year 1 Modules:


Content Design Tools and Techniques

Designing for Usability 1

Introduction to Programming

Mathematics for Computer Graphics

Professional Skills

Computer Architecture and Networks

Adobe Photoshop: Introduction to Visual   Communication


Overall Grade: 2:1

Multimedia Computing Year 2 Modules:


Digital Media Technology 1

Designing for Usability 2

Developing the Modern Web 1

Real World Project

Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures

Concept Development for Games Design

Certified Adobe Premier ACA: Film Editing and Communication


Overall Grade: 2:1

A Levels:



Computer Science

Theatre Studies



11 GCSE's Grades A - C including Maths and English

My Skills

Video Production

I am proficient in Adobe Premier Pro as well as having knowledge in Final Cut. I began learning to edit video back in 2011 with Sony Vegas and iMovie when I got my first Mac. Then in 2012 I moved over to Premier Pro because my college only gave me the option to use Premier. I'm glad I had the option to learn Premier as it is a far more powerful application.


I perfected my video editing skills back when I tried to make my own short film. The film was never completed due to the unrealistic time constraints we had set ourselves. Although never complete, the short film taught me the principles of camera operation, some cinematography skills, colour grading, and script writing. Although I had written several scripts for Theatre Studies.

The first video piece I created while at University is below. This piece was set as a final coursework for our Digital Media Technology 1 module. This module taught us about different types of digital media with the main three being photography, animation, and video.


For the final coursework we were set out with the task of "Creating a three minute narrative piece of digital media." This Was the first time we had been given such freedom since before we had been given a specific task such as "Create a Kinetic Typography video" (which you can see here).


The freedom gave me no restrictions in what I could create. Below is the result of that.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Most of the animation I do consists of 2D animation using Adobe After Effects. I enjoy creating kinetic typography animations as well as short motion graphics that convey information. I think 2D animation is a lot better at conveying a message because with 3D there is a perception that all the models have to be life-like and well textured where as in 2D the viewer doesn't expect it to be life-like and you can make it much simpler.


As far as 3D modelling goes, I use 3DS Max and Maya. I use 3DS Max for modelling and Maya for Animation. Although I am not as competent 3D animation as I am in 2D, some of my 3D work can be seen here.

During our module, Digital Media Technology 1, we were tasked with "Creating a Kinetic Typography Piece of Digital Media." Having never touched After Effects before this I feel that you can see my progression through the "Imagine Dragons - Gold. Kinetic Text" video below. You can see as I get more adventurous with the animations I am creating.


Below is a set of After Effects projects I have worked on in the past including one I am currently working on. I hope you enjoy them.

2D Animation & Motion Graphics

3D Modelling & Animation


I have over 8 years experience in using Photoshop. I first started using it during my lunch break in year 9 to create sprites for animations I was creating using Flash. Since then I stopped using flash (as did everyone else) and concentrated more on photomanipulation within Photoshop.

I passed my Adobe Certified Associate exam in 2015 and since then my skill with the software has become more refined and more intricate.


Examples of some of my work are below.


I recently undertook a 5 week contract working for Huddle Media as a content creator. My role was to take a brief from a client and create content based on that brief. Usually these briefs would give me a lot of creative freedom as the client would just want a social media post for a specific day such as Bonfire Night or Christmas.

During my 5 weeks at Huddle I created After Effects animations, Photoshop Images, Website Banners and worked as part of a team in running the Warsteiner 1753 Facebook Live event that is held once a month.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Huddle and every day that I walked into the office I walked in with a smile knowing that I was doing something I loved.


If you would like a reference from Huddle Media please contact me and I will give you their details.












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